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Tesla Trip Planner – Complete Guide

tesla at supercharger

What is Tesla Trip Planner?

Tesla Trip Planner

Tesla Trip Planner is a feature found in the Tesla Appl. It is designed to assist Tesla Owners in planning their trips. It does this by providing the most optimized routes and charging station locations along your planned trip route.

The Trip Planner reviews all kinds of factors when routing. Things like the vehicles range, current battery charge, and even the charging speeds at the charging stations you’ll be visiting. The Tesla Route Planner helps Tesla drivers figure out the BEST ROUTE.

Key Features

  • Travel Range Estimation – The Tesla Trip Planner takes into account the Tesla’s range based off different variables. These factors include Battery state of charge or SOC; driving efficiency; External things such as weather conditions (Rain, Snow, Wind, Temperature, etc. and topography / road conditions to include elevation changes and things of that nature. The Tesla Trip Planner also always provides a range buffer to ensure a safety margin for charge between charging stations / locations. The planner provides an estimated range of distance that the vehicle can travel on a single charge.
  • Charging Point Suggestions – With the assistance of the planner, identifying and viewing the locations of Tesla Supercharger stations makes Tesla trip planning a simpler task. Moreover, the planner allows you to discover other compatible charging stations along your intended route. It also presents various charging stop options to ensure that your Tesla can easily reach the desired destination.
  • Navigation System Integration – The planner integrates seamlessly with the navigation system of Tesla vehicles. It enables drivers to directly access the planned route and charging stops through their car’s display. It offers turn-by-turn directions and provides alerts for upcoming charging stops to ensure a smooth and convenient journey.
  • Real-time Traffic and Weather Updates – Tesla travel assistant leverages real-time data to deliver precise updates on external conditions that may influence your trip. These updates encompass details on traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and the availability of charging stations. By staying informed, you can make informed decisions and adapt your plans accordingly.
  • Optimized Routing and Navigation – Utilizing factors such as distance, traffic conditions, elevation changes, and charging station availability, the Planner computes the optimal route for drivers. It assists in selecting the most efficient path to minimize travel time and maximize the driving range. Moreover, the Tesla navigation planning offers turn-by-turn directions and guidance. This facilitates efficient navigation for Tesla owners to reach their destinations promptly.
  • Ensure Information Inputted Into the Planner is Correct – Make sure when planning a trip the information entered into the Tesla Trip Planner is correct. This would include starting point, desired stops, and even starting charge for the trip. If these inputs are correct, the planner can calculate more efficient routes. Incorrect information could result in all kinds of issues for your trip.
  • The Supercharger Network is your best friend – Nothing compares to Tesla’s Supercharger when charging up. These chargers simply provide faster charging speeds compared to other options. They will ultimately save you a lot of time and Money if used correctly.
  • Pay Attention To Real Time Updates – Things can change while taking your trip and the Planner will adjust accordingly. Make sure you stay in tune with it as it will reroute due to traffic, weather, charging station availability and more.


I have embarked on only one single extensive road trip. It was for approximately 1400 miles with my Tesla, and I can confidently say that I encountered no problems while using the Tesla Trip Planner. However, one aspect of the Trip Planner that I find inconvenient is the absence of a feature to review the amenities and facilities around the planned charging points. Currently, it requires using Google or other sources to search for the charging station and gather information about nearby options for activities like restroom breaks, shopping, dining, and more, in order to plan the charging duration effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Trip Planner

Can I use the Tesla trip planner for non-Tesla electric vehicles?

No, The Tesla trip planner is designed specifically for Tesla electric vehicles. It is seamlessly integrated into their vehicle software and charging network.

Is the Tesla Trip Planner Free?

Yes, it comes standard free of charge with the Tesla App and as a feature built into Tesla navigation.

Can I save my trips for later use?

No, Currently trips can not be saved in the Tesla Trip Planner like other applications. You can access saved navigation points within your Tesla to recalculate trips.

Can I customize charging preferences in the trip planner?

No, Tesla Trip Planner does not currently have the option to customize any preferences.

Is the Tesla Trip Planner better than a Better Route Planner?

Yes, being Tesla does all the planning and calculation for you. The ease of use and integration with the Tesla is what makes it better. While it doesn’t have all the customizable options, it simplifies the travel experience and makes it seamless.

What is the best route planner if I don’t own a Tesla?

I personally like ABRP as it has so many options when planning a EV Trip. It also offers very accurate information when planning.

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Last modified: July 10, 2023